Frequently Asked Questions to Sari Jati

Does Sari Jati Company have branch office?
Not Yet. Curently, our main office is in Semarang City.

Can Sari Jati Company deliver product outside Semarang City?
Yes. We can deliver product to major cities in Indonesia and to other coutries.

Can I visit Sari Jati?
Yes. By appointment only

Does Sari Jati have ready stock products in bulk inventory?
No. We don't have ready stock products in large amount. We produce ONLY custom made inquiries.

Does Sari Jati have Catalog?
Yes. It is a catalog of design. It is only an example of design from our previous order.

Does Sari Jati have Product Price List from the Catalog?
No. However, if you want us to quote price, please inform us the design code, the size, wood quality and quantity.

Why Sari Jati can not publish Price List?
Because our order is a custom made order which is based on customer special requirements. We believe, each customer is unique and requests products in different design, size, wood type and quality. If you have your own design please contact us for further quotation.

What is Sari Jati requirement for minimum order?
No minimum order required as long as price is settled

How to order?
Contact us by phone, email or by fax

How long is the production process?
Depend on quantity and wood availability

How to pay?
By transfer, preferably via Bank Central Asia (BCA Bank) Please contact us after payment transfered.

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