Things You Need to Know about wood before choosing wood as your building material.
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Type of Wood
We have various type of wood which is commercially used for jamb, door, window, parquet, flooring, stair component, moulding and wall panel. Each of these wood is well known for its strength, colour, unique grain, and special characteristic.
We guarantee our wood come from production forest. Our raw material is from well sustainable forest such as Perhutani, the leading forest plantation management of forestry sector in Indonesia undertaken by Ministry of State Owned Company of Republic Indonesia.
Teak wood is regarded as the most beautiful and high quality woods manufactured today. Teak is a very durable wood. Teak density is 700 - 900 kg/m3. It is also resistant to rot and insect attack due to high natural oil content. There is no wood that give the same performance and quality as teak.

Tectona grandis is the Latin name for Teak, and Jati is the Indonesian name for Teak where the timber comes from. Teak grows well in the dry, hilly terrain typical of plantation forests in Indonesia, specifically in Java Island. Java has very large Teak plantations which were first planted by the Dutch in the early 1800's. These plantations are now well managed by Perum Perhutani (the government agency which is responsible for managing Indonesia's extensive forests and plantations). Our teak wood is supply regularly and legally by Perum Perhutani.

Teak price is much influenced by the quality of the wood. Usually we are grading teak wood based on the wood grain (straight grain and round grain) and how much defect that allowed: sound knot, unsound knot, sapwood, and doreng.
kayu jati ada mata sehat
Teak Straight Grain
Teak Round Grain
Teak with sound knot
teak with sapwood
kayu jati ada mata mati
teak doreng
Teak with sapwood
Teak with unsound knot
Teak with doreng
Merbau is one of the world's most stable woods and rivals teak in stability. Merbau is medium brown colored wood with reddish/orange highlights with a course graining. Merbau comes in a fairly wide range of color variability, from light browns to medium browns to dark browns. Many pieces will have a yellow dust in the pores which show up as gold "flecking" when finished. Merbau is a timber from tropical rain forests. It grows extensively in Papua Island, Indonesia, the legal plantation where all of our merbau timber comes from.
Serat Kayu Merbau
Merbau Wood
Due to its high strength and durability,- bangkirai wood is used for heavy construction under roof as well as in the open, such as jamb, flooring, etc. It is brownish-yellow color wood. Its texture ranges from fine to rather coarse. Bangkirai contains small pinholes. They are not wood flaws, rather a sign of the natural state of the wood. The pinholes are part of Bangkirai and are harmless. They have no affect on the statics and further attack/spreading is not possible.
Serat Kayu Bangkirai
Bangkirai Wood
Bangkirai is quite stable. Nevertheless, with such a heavy and hard wood, a small amount of deformation / twisting and crack formation must be expected. Bangkirai is very difficult to dry.Bangkirai is a timber from tropical rain forests. It grows extensively in Borneo / Kalimantan Island, Indonesia, the legal plantation where all of our bangkirai timber comes from.
In Indonesia, kamper wood regularly used as building material construction. Kamper is not as heavy and hard, as bangkirai It has less crack deformation, but has more twist deformation tendency. Similar with Bangkirai, Kamper is a timber from tropical rain forests. It grows extensively in Borneo / Kalimantan Island, Indonesia. Samarinda (East Kalimantan) is an area which is well recognized as area that provide kamper wood with more beautiful wood grain compares to kamper wood from other area.
Serat Kayu Kamper
Kamper Wood
Coconut Wood      
It is a hardwood from coconut tree / palm tree. Coconut wood is a new timber resource that comes from plantation crops and offers an alternative to rainforest timber. After 60 years old, the coconut tree can't produce coconut fruit anymore, thus, it has to be cut down to make way for future corps. As an archipelago, coconut tree grows rapidly in any part of Indonesia. Coconut wood from Sulawesi Island is famous for its beautiful dark color. Coconut wood in Java has light color.
Serat Kayu Kelapa
Coconut Wood
Coconut wood is classified according to three degrees of density: High Density (600-900 kg/m3), Medium density and Low Density. We only used High density for timber construction.
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