Wood Bovenlicht Window

Bovenlicht Glass Window and Bovenlicht Louvre Window

Bovenlicht wood window or transom window paint in white color at home

Sari Jati manufactures bovenlicht window for residential and comercial building. Bovenlicht window is a small window located above window or door. Bovenlicht window has 2 types: bovenlicht glass window and bovenlicht louvre window. There are many designs for bovenlicht glass window, which is depend on the number of glass such as single or multiple glass. Bovenlicht louvre window is consists of slat of wood which is available in permanent louvre and movable louvre. Using bovenlicht window, both light and air circulation can be controled.

Bovenlicht Window dan Wood Type

Teak Bovenlicht Window, Merbau Bovenlicht Window, Kamper Bovenlicht Window

Sari Jati manufactures bovenlicht windows, which is available in various type of woods as follows: java perhutani teak wood, merbau wood from papua, bangkirai wood from kalimantan, kamper wood from kalimantan samarinda, mahogany wood from java and meranti wood from kalimantan thus we simply called them teak bovenlicht window, merbau bovenlicht window, bangkirai bovenlicht window, kamper bovenlicht window mahogany bovenlicht window, meranti bovenlicht window. All of this wood window have been kiln dried already.

Type of Wood Bovenlicht Window

Single Glass Bovenlicht Window, Multiple Glass Bovenlicht Window, Louvre Bovenlicht Window

There are various type of bovenlicht window design such as bovenlicht glass window, and based on number of glasses are single glass bovenlicht window, multiple glass bovenlicht window, and also louvre bovenlicht window

Type of bovenlicht window are available below, however for a complete collection, please check our catalog of bovenlicht window design. Should you have another design, or can not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Champor or kamper wood bovenlicht glass window GB 1A1
GB 1A1
Perhutani teak wood bovenlicht louvre window LB 1A1
LB 1A1
Perhutani teak wood bovenlicht louvre window LB 1B1
LB 1B1

Bovenlicht Window Price

Teak, Merbau, Bangkirai, Kamper, Mahogany, Meranti Bovenlicht Window Price

As mentioned above, bovenlicht window price depends on many factors such as design, construction, wood type, and bovenlicht window size. For approximate price, you can check some of our bovenlicht window price from various wood type such as java perhutani teak, merbau wood, bangkirai wood, kamper wood, mahogany wood, and meranti wood that we have been produced before, on our link bovenlicht window price ..... read more.

Teakwood Bovenlicht Window Specialty

Teakwood Glass Bovenlicht Window and Teak Louvre Bovenlicht Window

Teakwood is suitable for all kinds of window designs both glass bovenlicht window or louvre bovenlicht window, teak wood commonly used as bovenlicht window of the residential or commercial building. Sari Jati specialized in manufacturing teakwood glass bovenlicht window, and teakwood louvre bovenlicht window.

Perhutani teakwood louvre bovenlicht window
Perhutani Teakwood Louvre Bovenlicht Window
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