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Door Jamb, Window Jamb, Bovenlicht Jamb

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Sari Jati manufactures and sells various design of jamb / frame such as door jamb / door frame, window jamb / frame, bovenlich / transom jamb / frame for residential and comercial building. Our wood jamb available in teak, merbau, bangkirai, kamper, mahogany and meranti. Each design enrich your home atmosphere, either it is classic, minimalis or modern contemporary. Selection of wood jamb usually based on your theme design and consideration on site construction. You should consult with your architect, building contractor. Should you have no one to consult, just contat us.

Personalized your wood door jamb / frame and wood window jamb / frame by selecting our wood jamb / frame category below.

Jamb / Frame Construction

1. Jamb / Frame with Conventional Construction

This frame mounted in a conventional way, which is anchored on the rear jamb / frame and characterized by "ear" at the corners of the frame, which is part of the construction with the purpose of this "ear" will be planted in the wall.

There are many types of sponing design in conventional frames, which is single sponing jamb (one sponing), double sponing jamb (two sponing) or without sponing at all. Sponing is where the installation of a door or window hinge whether it is swing or tipping. For sliding doors, sponing is not required.

1A. Jamb with Single Sponing

single sponing wood jamb / framesingle sponing wood jamb / framesingle sponing wood jamb / frame with architrave

Single sponing jamb is a type of jamb most frequently used for door frames or window frames. Single sponing design variations generally on the edge of the frame whether with profiles or without profiles.

For those who want to make your door jamb and window jamb look grand, we offer you additional casing moulding (also called architrave). This decorative moulding is the best solution in design that cover the joinery between frame and wall. We have variety design of casing mouldings from classic to modern contemporary one.

You may jump to see our collection of casing moulding here.

1B. Jamb with Double Sponing

double sponing jamb / framedouble sponing jamb / frame with architravedouble sponing jamb / frame with window

Double sponing jamb also widely used as a solution to some design problems. With double sponing in your window jamb or door jamb, you may combine glass window leaf (inside) with louver window leaf (outside) or a combination of glass door leaf (inside) with louver door leaf (outside). It is very practical in tropical country such as Indonesia. With this system, you may manage the light and air circulation inside the building.

Some may also combine door leaf or window leaf with security steel and mosquito frame.

1C. Jamb Without Sponing

Jamb without sponing is type of jamb for sliding door or sliding window, or sometimes architects use this jamb as decorative frame without door or window at all.

2. Jamb / Frame with Knock Down Construction

knock-down jamb / frameknock-down jamb / frame with profileknock-down jamb / frame with architrave

Knock down jamb generally use due to on site consideration and the choose of method construction. Your building contractor will know this method very well.

The installation of this type of jamb is simply, by screw the frame to the wall, and cover up the screw noticed with the wood cover.

Additional architrave will make your door jamb and window jamb looks grand.

Jamb dan Wood Type

Teak Jamb, Merbau Jamb, Bangkirai Jamb, Kamper Jamb, Mahogany Jamb, Meranti Jamb

Our jamb / frame are available in various type of woods as follows: java perhutani teak wood, merbau wood from papua, kalimantan bangkirai wood, samarinda kamper wood, mahogany wood from java, and meranti wood. Based on wood type, we called teak jamb, merbau jamb, bangkirai jamb, kamper jamb, mahogany jamb, meranti jamb. All of this wooden jamb have been kiln dried already.

Type of Jamb

Door Jamb, Window Jamb, Bovenlicht (transom) Jamb

According to its function, jamb is divided into door jamb, window jamb and bovenlicht (transom) jamb, and combination among them such as door jamb with bovenlicht (transom) above, or window jamb with bovenlicht (transom) above, door jamb with window beside etc.

Type of jambs are available below, However for a complete collection, please check our catalog of jamb design. Should you have another design, or can not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

door jamb / door frame
Door Frame / Jamb
window jamb / window frame
Window Frame / Jamb
bovenlicht jamb / bovenlicht frame
Bovenlicht Frame / Jamb
door window jamb / door window frame
Door Window Frame

Jamb Price

Teak, Merbau, Bangkirai, Kamper, Mahoni, Meranti Jamb Price

As mentioned above, jamb price depends on many factors such as design, construction, wood type, and size. For approximate price, you can check some of our jamb price from various wood type such as teak, merbau, bangkirai, kamper, mahogany, meranti that we have been produced before, on our link wood jamb price ..... read more.

Teak Wood Jamb Specialty

Teak Door Jamb, Teak Window Jamb, Teak Bovenlicht Jamb

Teak wood is suitable for all kinds of jamb design, conventional or knock down construction, teak wood also commonly used as door jamb, window jamb or bovenlicht jamb for residential or commercial building jamb. Sari Jati specialized in manufacturing teak door jamb, teak window jamb, teak bovenlicht jamb.

Perhutani teak door jamb / frame
Perhutani Teak Door Jamb
Perhutani teak window jamb / frame
Perhutani Teak Window Jamb
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