Solid Mosaic Industrial Flooring

Mosaic Industrial Flooring Made From Solid Wood

solid wood mosaic industrial flooring in hallwaysolid wood mosaic industrial flooring in lobbysolid wood mosaic industrial flooring

Sari Jati manufactures hardwood mosaic industrial flooring for residential and comercial building, which is solid, S4S, and kiln dried already. Mosaic can be applied from small bed room to prayer room, etc. Our standard size is thickness 14 mm, width 20 / 25 mm and length 20cm, 25 cm and 30 cm.

Our mosaic wood floors is eco-friendly. Our raw materials for mosaic is from well sustainable forest.

Mosaic dan Wood Type

Teak Mosaic, Merbau Mosaic

Sari Jati manufactures solid wood mosaic, available in various type of solid woods as follows: java perhutani teak and merbau, commonly called as teak mosaic, merbau mosaic. All of this wood mosaic have been kiln dried already.

Type of Mosaic

2 cm Width, 2,5 cm Width, 20 cm Length, 25 cm Length and 30 cm Length

There are several width size of mosaic such as 2 cm width and 2,5 cm width. There are several length size of wooden mosaic also, such as 20 cm length mosaic, 25 cm length mosaic, and 30 cm length mosaic.

Below are some example of mosaic, however for a complete collection, please check our catalog of solid wood mosaic design. Should you have another design, or can not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

mosaik industrial flooring SM 1420 length 20 cm 25 cm and 30 cm
Mosaik Solid S4S
SM 1420
1,4 x 2 CM
mosaik industrial flooring SM 1425 length 20 cm 25 cm and 30 cm
Mosaik Solid S4S
SM 14250
1,4 x 2,5 CM

Mosaic Industrial Flooring Price

Teak Mosaic Industrial Flooring Price, Merbau Mosaic Industrial Flooring Price

As mentioned above, wood mosaic price depends on many factors such as design, construction, wood type, and size. For approximate price, please check some of our solid mosaic price from perhutani teak wood, merbau wood that we have been produced before, on our link solid mosaic price ..... read more.

Teak Mosaic Specialty

Teak Mosaic

Teak wood is suitable for all kinds of wood mosaic designs for indoor. Teak wood commonly used as wood floor of the residential or commercial building. Sari Jati specialized in manufacturing teak mosaic.

mosaik industrial flooring SM 1420 length 20 cm 25 cm and 30 cm
Perhutani Teak Solid Mosaic Industrial Flooring
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