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Sari Jati Processed Wood Products from Various Types of Wood

Our products use commercial timber species that has been often used, such as teak, merbau, bangkirai, kamper / camphor, meranti, mahogany, sungkai, rosewood, coconut wood, ulin. Each timber is known for its strength, durability, the uniqueness of grain and color.
Our wooden material obtained from controlled forest under management of both stated owned company or private owned company. All our wood is legally justifiable origin. We strongly oppose illegal logging practices. We always choose the best places where the wood of the tree was planted.
Our teak wood from Central Java and East Java. All our teak wood comes from Perhutani State Owned Company. Pine wood, mahogany, rosewood comes from the island of java. Bangkirai wood, kamper / camphor, kempas, meranti and ulin comes from borneo / kalimantan. Coconut wood derived from sulawesi island and merbau wood from papua.

teak wood grain bangkirai wood grain kamper wood grain

Teak Wood

Teak wood grain
Teak Wood Grain

Teak wood is often regarded as wood with the most beautiful grain and texture. It is one of the hardest, strongest and most durable of all timbers, highly resistant to any rotting and almost impervious to the effects of hot sun, rain, frost or snow. It is a close-grained hardwood with high natural oil and silica content. Teak wood characteristics are stable, strong and durable, thus requires little or no maintenance regardless of the environment. This combination make it the ideal wood for all outdoor applications, and it has been the choice of boat builders for centuries. It was considered to has Durability Class I / II and Strength Class I / II. Teak also proved resistant to fungi, termites and other insects because the oil content in the wood itself. No other timber that deliver quality and performance comparable to teak. Once seen primarily on elegant yachts and in the most extravagant estates, teak wood is now a premium wood of choice for designers of hotels, corporate headquarters and upscale homes. Apart from its natural beauty, teak is one of the most valuable of all woods. Teak forests grow well in dry areas and calcareous in Indonesia, particularly in eastern part of java island.

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Merbau Wood

Merbau Wood Grain
Merbau Wood Grain

Merbau Wood is a popular hardwood from South East Asia used in a wide range of applications; from construction to indoor and outdoor furniture. Merbau wood has high degree of natural durability and strength it is used externally in engineering, construction and marine applications. Merbau wood lumber is also features in backyards as outdoor furniture, and in a range of joinery, flooring and other uses. Merbau wood is quite strong, durable and stable as an alternative in comparison with teak. Merbau wood has Durability Class I / II and Strength Class I / II. Merbau wood has been proven to be resistant to insects. Merbau has reddish-brown color and is sometimes accompanied by yellow grain highlights. Merbau usually polished with dark color wood stain. Merbau has a grain texture looks like broken line. Merbau trees are part of tropical rain forest trees. Merbau trees grow rapidly in Indonesia, especially on the island of Papua / Irian. Our merbau wood comes from Papua / Irian.

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Bangkirai Wood

Bangkirai Wood Grain
Bangkirai Wood Grain

Bangkirai wood is a type of wood which quite hard, durable and strong. Bangkirai wood has Durability Class I / II and Strength Class I / II. Its hardness sometimes also accompanied by a high degree of agility. It is also has smooth hairline cracks appear on the surface and sometimes often found pin holes. Fortunately, hairline cracks and pin holes can be covered with wood filler. Structurally, the pin hole does not reduce the strength of wood itself. Because of its strength, the wood is often used for heavy construction material such as a wooden roof. Bangkirai wood considered as a wood species which is resistant to weather. It often becomes the main choice of wood for the exterior components such as plank, outdoor flooring / decking, etc. Bangkirai trees are found in the tropical rain forest on borneo / kalimantan island.

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Kamper / Champor Wood

Kamper wood grain champor wood grain
Kamper / Champor Wood Grain

In Indonesia, camphor wood has long been an alternative building materials that are more affordable in term of price. Although this wood is not as hard as bangkirai or teak wood, camphor wood grain shows a smooth and beautiful grain so often becomes the choice of materials for making door panels and windows. Cracks are rarely found in kamper. Because kamper wood is not as hard as bangkirai, the tendency to change shape too big, so it is not recommended for making extra wide and extra high doors and windows. Kamper wood is a type of wood had Durability Class II, III and Strength Class Class II. Camphor tree is easily grow in many tropical rainforest in borneo / kalimantan. Samarinda is a famous region for producing camphor with finer grain than other areas in borneo / kalimantan.

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Sungkai Wood

Sungkai Wood Grain
Sungkai Wood Grain

Sungkai wood texture is fairly smooth, beautiful fiber and pale yellow. Sungkai wood is often used as a decorative element. Sungkai wood has Durability Class III and Strength Class II, III. Sungkai tree diameter is not too big.

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Mahogany Wood

Mahogany Wood Grain
Mahogany Wood Grain

Mahogany wood texture is fairly smooth, beautiful fiber and colored pink to dark red. Widely used as a decor element. Including wood with Class III and Class Durable Strong II, III. Mahogany trees were encountered in the teak forest in Java, or planted by the roadside as cover crops.

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Red Meranti Wood

Red Meranti Wood Grain
Red Meranti Wood Grain

Red meranti wood is part of hardwood species, the color is dark pink to pale pink, but not as pale as the white meranti wood. The grain is not quite beautiful. It also not quite resistant to weather, so it is not recommended to used outdoors. Meranti is a type of wood with Durability Class III / IV and Strength Class III / IV. Meranti tree mostly found in the forest on the island of borneo / kalimantan.

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Sonokeling Wood (Rosewood)

Rosewood Wood Grain
Sonokeling Rosewood Wood Grain

Rosewood has a very beautiful wood grain, purple-streaked, black streak or purplish black with reddish-brown stripes. Not only beautiful, rosewood also quite strong and durable enough to be used as a construction material. Rosewood / sonokeling wood has Durability Class I and Strength Class II. Rosewood tree only grows in the forests of Central Java and East Java, however, the numbers began to decrease.

Coconut Wood

Coconutwood Wood Grain
Coconut Wood Grain

Coconut wood is one of the new alternative of wood sources derived from coconut plantations that stop producing altready (approximatelyaged 60 years and older) and about to be cut down to be replaced with the new plantation. Actually coconut trees are part of palm species. All parts of the coconut tree is a fiber. You will not find a straight grain and crown grain on coconut wood because all the parts are fiber. Nor is there any knots because there is no coconut tree twigs / branches. Coconut trees grow up along the coast of Indonesia. However, the most famous is the dark brown color of sulawesi coconut wood. Coconut trees color in Java island is generally bright, not as bright as sulawesi coconut tree.

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Ulin Wood (Ironwood)

Ulin Wood (Ironwood) Wood Grain
Ulin Wood (Ironwood) Grain

Ulin or Ironwood is one of the most powerful and hard wood in Indonesia. Ironwood best quality comes from Kalimantan. This wood is very heavy, hard, and resistant to weather, so it's great for using it outdoors / exterior wood products such as wood outdoor decking and rail.

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Pine Wood

Pine Wood Grain
Pine Wood Grain

Pine wood is has smooth grain, very light color (light yellow). The grain is beautiful, almost similar with teak, but the tree is not big,thus only suitable for decoration / small product. It can not be used as construction material. It is not resistant to weather, so it is not recommended to used outdoors. Pine wood is a type of wood with Durability Class III and Strength Class III. Pine tree grow up in the forest on the island java.

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