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Your home is absolutely an expression of your personality and lifestyle, therefore we have developed the most inclusive and flexible range of wooden product designs available, with a range of glazing options to match your requirements.

We have a complete wooden product range for your house such as frame, door, window, parquet flooring, stair components, moulding for your wood jamb, wood panel for your wall and ceilling, and also furniture. View the product group available by simply clicking the group name above. You may order your custom made design.

Sari Jati Product

Jamb, Door, Window, Parquet Flooring, Wall & Ceiling Panel, Stairs, Moulding and Furniture

Wood Jamb
Wood Door
Wood Window
Wood Parquet Flooring
Wood Wall and Ceiling Panel
Wood Stairs
Wood Moulding
Wood Furniture

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Sari Jati Excellence Product

Sari Jati produce jamb, door, window, parquet, flooring, stair, wall & ceiling panel, moulding and furniture based on customer preference, with various type of wood we can offer such as teak, merbau, bangkirai, ulisn, sungkai, kamper, etc. All of the wood have been kiln dried already

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